Wint Fenderson - Lead Vocalsand Acoustic Guitar

 Wint Fenderson is the main voice of Nightshift  He has been involved in the Connecticut music scene for many years, fronting bands such as Destiny, Hard Attack and Vinyl Revolution.  Wint also did occasional appearances as the lead singer for Live Bullets, a national touring act featuring original members of Bob Seger’s Silver Bullet Band.

The Band Members of Nightshift

Kenny Hicks - Keyboards, Vocals and Booker/Promoter


Kenny has recorded and performed with many of Connecticut's best and most well-known  bands. He started out playing drums for the Pentagons and the Two Plus Two in the early 60's, then he decided to switch to keyboards from then on and played with the Quiet Ones (who were selected to record the hit song "Little Bit of Soul" but they were still in high school and their parents wouldn't allow it), the Great Train Robbery, Hawk, the Gravy Train, Freedom Bound, Freedom, Don Chouinnard and Sound Revival, Tommy and the Rivieras, Mainstreet, the ATM Band and WCCC radio personality Sebastian (and the Hitmen). In 1969, while he was with the Gravy Train, he performed at President Nixon's Inaugural Ball in Washington DC. While he was with Tommy and the Rivieras, he often backed up many famous acts such as the Drifters, the Coasters and Herb Reed and the Platters.  He performed as a solo keyboard/vocalist act from 1982 until 1998 as well.   
Kenny handles all of the promoting and booking for Nightshift also.

Brian Camilleri - Electric Bass Guitar and Vocals

​​Brian has been a part of the regional music scene for many years with bands such as Nickelslick, Hard Reign, Hard Attack, Dark Barbie, 2012 and Vinyl Revolution, performing in venues throughout New England and New York.  

He has also performed and recorded for original artists including national recording artist Lucinda and CT based singer/songwriter Lucia!.

Fred Bretthauer - Lead Guitar and Vocals


Fred is a very experienced and polished guitarist. He has been a part of Connecticut’s music scene for many years and he always adds a unique and professional sound, paying very close attention to the exact guitar parts and solos of every song he performs.
Nightshift is proud to have Fred as our lead guitarist!

Mark Carter - Drums

Mark is a very dynamic and experienced drummer to say the least!  

He has been a part of Connecticut’s music scene all his life and has played with many bands over the years. He is also a well-known drum technician who has designed and/or worked on the drum kits of many of the famous acts who performed at all of the top Hartford and New Haven concert venues. He’s met all of the best drummers in the world in that capacity!

Nightshift is very excited to have Mark as our drummer!